Monday, April 25, 2011

The Final Stretch

Hi Guys!

I'm actually posting from home right now. Today is the last day of Easter break before classes resume tomorrow. I was actually lucky in my scheduling so I don't have class until 1:30 on Tuesdays, so I am catching a train tomorrow morning instead of tonight so I get an extra day at home before going back to the final stretch of the year.

I have my last exam on Friday and then I have to work on my final papers and begin studying for my final exams. I only actually have two final exams, my biology on Thursday May 12th, and my chem on Friday May 13th (haha, I know, Friday the 13, I would have my hardest and last final on that day, right?)

I haven't posted in a while because things have been pretty hectic. My laptop had a malfunctioning video card or something. Luckily BC has a great support team. Even though I did not buy my Dell through BC, I could take it to the Walk-In Help desk where they told me exactly what they thought was wrong and checked my warranty. Because I have only had it for a year - not even - I could take it down to the Service Building about a 2 minute walk from O'Neill library and still on campus and get it fixed for completely free by the BC team. I was excited, to say the least. They also have loaners, but I figured since I was going home that night for Easter Break, and would have full access to the desktop in my basement, it wasn't necessary, but it was nice to know that BC has that kind of stuff.

It's hard to believe that the school year is almost up. One year down, three more to go. It seems like I was just on campus for my orientation a few days ago, and now I've already brought some stuff like my winter coats (hopefully it doesn't snow again, but it snowed Saturday at home) back with me when I left Wednesday night.

I'll post again soon!
Taylor Dean

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Airport Sightings (and other transportation issues)

Okay so as I was frantically trying to navigate my way thorough the hordes of marathon runners, family vacationers, and general slow walkers at Boston's Logan Airport this morning, I could not help but notice the insane amount of people I knew who I just happened to run into there! I mean, I don't know that many people at BC (or in the greater Boston area) but every time I go to the airport I seem to see ALL OF THEM! It's always kind of awkward to see someone who you only speak to in class in an outside setting, and when you combine that with check-in and security, it's generally just a weird experience. I guess it's somewhat expected to see people from BC or your high-school when going home for breaks because most Boston schools tend to be on the same schedule but today was just ridiculous. My advice: avoid sweats and crocs no matter how early your flight is because chances are, you WILL see someone you know.

That being said, transportation in Boston is relatively easy and cheap and is generally geared towards college students. The T is just $2 to any destination and although it may take eons to get to wherever you need to go, it definitely beats taking cabs everywhere. And while I have never personally tried the BC grocery shuttle, I hear from reliable sources that it's really convenient. Moral of the story, while it may take a while, you can get anywhere you need to go in Boston relatively easily and cheaply.

Kay Thx Bye,
Kristin M.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sinter Fashion

Strolling around campus lately, (I am, in fact, on of the despised "slow walkers") I can't help but notice the unique combination of Spring and Winter (Sinter) attire that people are donning. Some students seem perfectly fine in flip-flops and shorts while others are bundled in North Face and Uggs. This leads me to ask what exactly is appropriate attire for the awkward in-between period? On the one hand it is still pretty chilly and if you add in clouds and rain to the mix, your looking at some pretty frigid weather. But on the other hand, it has been Winter for so long and I can tell everyone is just itching to break out the tank tops. (note: the last comment only applies to girls) So hopefully we will keeping having lovely 70 degree weather because frankly I don't think I have it in me suit up for Winter ever again!! \

Kristin M.

Have questions about Sinter Fashion (or anything else about BC)? Shoot me an e-mail at

Monday, April 11, 2011

Congrats Admitted Eagles

Saturday and Sunday saw an influx of people on campus for the Admitted Eagle Days. I was fortunate enough to help out with SAP (Student Admissions Program) for both days. It seems weird to know that last year I was doing the same thing. The whole college process can be overwhelming. In helping welcome the future members of the Class of 2015, I was a directions guide, toured the residence halls (which was cool because we went through my floor, Kostka 1) and mingled with the families during lunch. This came at a good time for me. Last week was so full of school it was nice to unwind and be able to hang around with some pretty cool kids. I maybe I met some of you! Until next time, Taylor

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I go to school at Hogwarts

As I sit in Bapst Library, I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to attend BC. Anyone who has seen the library would agree with me when I say that it looks like one of the buildings at Hogwarts: incredibly high ceilings, incredible stained-glass windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, and massive wooden tables with wooden chairs. It is hard to put into words how amazing the building is, but "beautiful", "breath-taking", and "bloody brilliant" come to mind (I hope everyone got the Ron Weasley british accent joke). Honestly, studying in Bapst is like studying in a castle. Visitors- make sure you visit the 24-hour library if you have a chance to come to campus!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Finishing Line" is in sight

It's hard to believe there are only about 6 weeks left of school before summer break! Well, it's been a little while since I posted (it's been a busy few weeks) so I'll start at the beginning.

Over Spring Break I went to Narrows, VA, with BC's Appalachia Volunteers. The experience was AMAZING! We stayed in the town's activity building with a group of Holy Cross kids (there were about 30 volunteers between the two schools). We did a lot for the community like building a deck for an elderly woman, a ramp for someone who can't walk up stairs any more to get to her home, worked at the daycares, built shelves at a shirt, cleaned the high school, but what amazed me was how much they did for us. They gave us a fireworks show, pot lucks at different churches every night, went out of their way to find the only Catholic church in the county so the kids that wanted to go to the Ash Wednesday Mass could go since it was during our trip. They didn't need to do all of that but they told us they look forward to having college kids every year. It was such a loving community! I really enjoyed it.

After we returned home we got back into the swing of things. I didn't have a lot due that week, so that was really nice for me. We had an after-Appa meeting last Sunday where Father Himes spoke. He told us about doing service in order to help the least of our brothers and about how we shouldn't be doing it for ourselves, even though we might get something out of it. I can't do his speech justice. Father Himes is an excellent speaker and everyone wants to take his class every year. I'm trying to get into it, but we will see if my pick time is good enough!

Speaking of pick times, the Housing Lottery just ended. As a freshman you can go for an 8-man, 4-man, 6-man, 9-man, or doubles and triples. The first day, Monday, is 8-mans, then if you don't get that most kids go for 4-mans on Tuesday, then 6- or 9-mans on Wednesday, and then doubles in triples on CoRo or in 66 Commonwealth Ave. Me and my friends, luckily, had a pick time of 7:10pm on the first day and got an 8-man in 90 St. Thomas More. We were so excited! I've been really close to these girls all year, so it was really nice to hear that we would all be together again (6 of us live on the same floor in Kostka, 4 of us within 3 doors of each other).

However, now that housing is over and class-picking begins for freshman on April 14, the end of the year is very near. It is very scary to think that freshman year is nearly ending. It went by so quickly!

And to think, it was snowing Thursday and I'm talking about summer break!

If you have any questions about Freshman year, since letters should be getting to those of you who are seniors about admissions soon if they haven't already, feel free to email me! I'll be glad to answer any questions!

Taylor Dean
Class of 2014
Biology Major, Sociology Minor

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome Back

Hello World,

This is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me here, but I'm pretty sure I will eventually get the hang of it!! It has been such a crazy couple of weeks for me and I'm so glad that they're finally over.

After coming back from a nice, relaxing Spring Break spent in sunny Miami, I was hit with three (yes, three!!) midterms the week I came back. Add that on top of the chaos caused by housing assignments for next year and the result is one very stressed, (and over-caffinated) college student. Lucking housing worked out really well for my friends and I and we got an eight-man on Walsh 6th floor!! Still waiting on the outcome of the midterms but I'm hopping they have a happy ending as well!

I cannot wait for spring and the warm weather. I'm so excited to be able to sit outside and see the beautiful campus again! It will be exciting to see green again after so many months of everything being covered in snow!

Peace Out,
Kristin M.